Laughter, Healthful Activity

When we hear or see something funny, we must inadvertently laugh at the funny stuff. It happens because laughter is a natural activity that occurs because naturally we humans have a sense of humor. It can not be denied again because since the baby we also have often laughed. It also signifies that laughter is a natural thing that we carry since we were born.

Some people think that laughter can make our body healthier than ever. In fact, now has formed a community that runs a therapy called “Laughing Therapy” which is said to be useful to improve the system in the body to make us healthier.

Laughing itself has a sense of expelling or expressing feelings of joy, happiness, joy, amusement, and so on with a noise. From that sense, it can be concluded that laughter activity can be defined as an expression or a responsive action, which occurs because of something or event that seems funny and ridiculous, causing a feeling of joy and happiness accompanied by a noise that sounds.

People who in their daily laugh often turns out to have a healthier heart condition when compared with those who rarely laugh. As is well known, our heart is made up of muscles, and like other muscles in the body, the heart will become stronger and function better when it is often trained. Laughing on a regular basis is just like going to the gym to train the heart muscle. Laughter will pump the heart and blood circulation throughout the body, thus reducing the risk of heart disease. And the fact is, according to the results of a study, laughing for 15 minutes a day is very good for the heart and equivalent to 30 minutes of exercise three times a week. The reason, laughter increases blood flow to the heart and improves the function of blood vessels that ultimately provide protection against cardiovascular health complications such as heart attacks.

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