Deciding the right foundation type for your building

In general, what is called the foundation is the structure of the lower part of the building that is directly related to the soil which serves to channel the load from the structure above it to the supporting soil layer. Meanwhile, if your foundation gets damaged, don’t hesitate to call the recommended concrete crack repair near you.

Style Scheme

The load from the building above it (dead load and live load) — is channeled through horizontal and vertical construction — foundation — the load is continued to — subgrade.
If the construction of the foundation is not strong enough to continue the load can result in rupture or damage to the foundation.

Foundation Is An Important Part of a Building

Because the foundation has an important function that is as the basis of a building to set the building to the subgrade, then for planning and making it needs to be carefully calculated in order to avoid a decrease in even the collapse of a building.
(style calculation is not explained in this subject)

Foundation Requirements on a Building

In order for the foundation in a building to be strong, the foundation must meet the following requirements:

a. The shape and construction must show a sturdy and strong construction to support the building load on it.

b. Must be made from materials that are durable and not easily destroyed, so that damage to the foundation does not precede damage to the building.

c. Not easily affected by conditions outside the podasi, for example the influence of ground water etc.

d. It must be located on a subgrade that is strong enough so that the foundation position is stable

That’s it for the basics of foundations that we may share with you this time. Although this article is short, we still hope it helps you to understand more about it, so you can build the strong foundations for your building.