Here are some diseases you should be cautious about if exposure to air pollution is long enough

At the present time, there are so many people who are sick of the rising air pollution around them. Air pollution occurs because the number of vehicles that remove gas and produce smoke that is very bad for the environment and even health. One vehicle that can replace a vehicle is usually an electric scooter. With these vehicles, then you will not contribute much air pollution in your environment.

The existence of many vehicles and the smoke it causes will make your breathing worse and you will get a very bad air for health. There are several diseases that you can feel if you are always exposed to the number of air polsui.

– Lung Irritation
Particulate Matter (PM) type pollution has great potential for damaging body tissues. Children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable to the effects of these pollutants, so in areas with unusual traffic density or air pollution, it can affect respiratory tract diseases and heart disease. According to World Bank research results, PM can trigger inflammation of the lungs or systematic and cause damage to blood vessel endothelial. Long-term effects can also trigger the formation of lung cancer.

– Asthma
The short-term or acute impact of ozone pollution can induce inflammation or inflammation of the lungs and interfere with lung and cardiovascular defense functions (heart and blood vessels). In addition it can induce the occurrence of asthma, even fibroxy lung. Epidemiological studies in humans also show, high ozone exposure can increase the number of asthma attacks.

– Lung cancer
The particle components in the air consist of sulfate, nitrate, ammonia, sodium, chloride, and mineral dust. If exposed to a combination of these elements on an ongoing basis, may increase the risk of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, such as lung cancer. This is also the result of pollution