The strict restrictions for drinking the ayahuasca tea

If you’ve ever heard the stories of those who’ve visited the trusted ayahuasca healing center, just like the one at in Peru, you will hear a lot of restrictions and rules that the patients must follow at the retreat center. Although it’s such an ancient method of curing people, the rules that must be followed can be quite hard for the people of the modern age to follow.

No alcohol before drink the tea

Ayahuasca supposed to clean one’s body from any toxins, whether from the unhealthy lifestyles or drugs. Therefore, increasing the amount of toxin in one’s body before drinking the tea may hamper the detoxification process, and the healing process may yield the worse result.

No red meat as well

Both in the modern and ancient knowledge, red meat is often to be considered as less healthy than plants. Therefore, it’s not surprising that one’s must refrain from eating red meat and several other kinds of food before drinking the ayahuasca tea at a retreat center.

No sex before the trip

The “trip” which will be caused due to the hallucinogenic compound in ayahuasca requires a lot of energy from the body. Therefore, preserving the stamina and life force before they’re drinking the tea can be done by not having sex for a certain amount of time.