If you then buy 1300 number

you surely know well what your business wants, right? If you are stillĀ buy 1300 numberĀ  considering whether or not of using that number for your business needs, here are what you need to know.

– 1300 number is the local numbers

This means that the charge of making the call is at the local call rate from anywhere in Australia. It may be determined by the telephone provider of the caller. When trying to get in touch with you, your customers don’t need to worry about spending much cost.

– Can only get used for incoming calls

Since they are inbound numbers, they will be able to use only for incoming calls. The numbers get routed to an answering points that is either a landline or the mobile number.

– It is inexpensive

It’s wrong if you think that benefiting from such this service requires a lot of money. There is even the company that provides it at $10/month.