These are Four Features In Uncommon Phones

Having a mobile phone would have been done by many people in the present. The owned mobile phone certainly has many features and functions very much and in accordance with your needs. If you are going to buy a new mobile phone and are still looking for where to buy phone, then you should be able to find the right mobile sales center and provide many brands and types of mobile phones that you need.

Unfortunately, although many people have mobile phones in their hands, there are some people who still do not know the various features that are in it and its function in everyday life.

1. Night mode
For those of you who often spend time lingering in front of your phone screen, make sure you use night mode. This feature reduces the blue light effects generated by your phone so that your eye health is maintained.

2. Battery Saver
If you are not using your phone for long periods of time, you should activate the battery saver feature which will save your phone battery usage.

3. Infrared
This sensor is usually found on the phone output a few years ago that used as a file transfer tool before Bluetooth known to many people. However, because this sensor has many deficiencies and much abandoned. Now, some phones even make these sensors mature. Usefulness is not to send and receive data, but instead as a remote control air conditioner, television and others.

4. Always on display
This feature has actually been on a few years ago and is widely used. When the phone is off, some notifications and clock bookers remain and can be seen by the user. Currently, the feature is re-used on some phones with the name of the ambient display that has the same function with always on display that can peek notifications, clock, and others without having to open the phone.