Best Tips to Clean Carpets

Cleaning your carpet regularly is, of course, essential. By doing so, you will be able to maintain your carpet in the best condition. You can contact experts in cleaning carpets from carpet cleaning companies like the one that you can know more on to assist you in cleaning your carpet. They will know all the best tips to clean your carpet like the tips in the following.

For difficult stains, it is best to drench the area with carpet cleaner or vinegar, then spray baking soda and vacuum-clean the area after the baking soda dries. To clean the satin, you should not try to rub the stains on the carpet. Rub on the carpet will damage the fibers and make the stained area look worse.
Then, you should not spray stained areas with too much vinegar, water, or other liquids. If it drains too much into the carpet when it dries, it can cause mold growth. Thinner rugs can be efficiently washed using a mixture of lemon and salt. Perform a cleansing of the stained area with care to avoid the different color remaining on the carpet.


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