Part Of Photobooth

The stage or photobooth stand is a common thing in the photobooth world. This stand is in front of the photo booth camera. The size and design depend on the client’s request. For example, at a wedding photobooth event. So, a stand will be displayed with the background and design of flowers, balloons, plants. At the company’s photobooth event, it will showcase the company’s logo design with small numbers and simpler concepts.

Here are some other major parts of photobooth:

– Camera
The photobooth camera will be faced in front of the stand with a distance of about 3-5 meters from the photo booth stand. The most commonly used camera is the DSLR camera. In certain rooms, maybe you will be faced with an umbrella and flash/photobooth camera lighting, to get enough light so that the image is recorded properly.

– Accessories
This section is the unnecessary part of the photobooth. Photobooth accessories consist of many shapes. There are funny writing, masks, hats, mustaches, wigs, glasses, and various other things. It was the accessories from the photo booth that made photos look more attractive and impressive.

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