Tips for taking pictures at a wedding

Getting a wedding opportunity is easy, but weddings only happen once in a lifetime. There is no second chance, there is no room for failure, and there is no reason. Yes, in the field of wedding photography you only have one chance.


Photographing with a Low Light Situation

After the wedding, there are usually formal photos – group photos of the bride. In low light conditions remember the old rule: use a tripod.

But there are situations where light is low and you are not allowed to use a tripod. Usually when the wedding is in the church. So you have to use the hand-held or hand grip method. Your image will be blurred because the shutter speed is slow and the situation is low.

So what should be done in such conditions? There are two answers:

Increase ISO. Digital SLR cameras (especially Nikon and Canon) new outputs are able to support high ISO with minimal noise. What is the high ISO possible? At least at ISO 800, but you can use up to 1600 in various sites depending on the camera.

Use a fast lens, which is a lens with large f-stops like f / 1.4, f / 2.8 or f / 3.8. Where the lens is able to capture more light.
Provide a Backup Memory Card

It’s not strange anymore if you take a wedding, prepare a backup memory card. A memory card will not be enough. Prepare 3-5 memory cards.

There are many important processions available, and you won’t want to lose important moments because your memory card is full.

Put your memory card in your pocket, so at any time you can quickly replace it.

Don’t forget to set your camera to use the JPEG format. That will save your memory card space rather than use the RAW format.

Follow the Bride of the Woman

The main focus of the wedding is the bride. So make sure you make the bride as the main subject of pre-wedding photos, marriage contracts, and receptions. Moreover, you can or will sell the printed photos (directly or indirectly) to the bride. Therefore, make sure that he is the brightest star of the event.